Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions and answers questions that tend to recur through posts or queries by new users related to common knowledge gaps.

General Questions

Can you drink Coffee while on Homeopathic Medication?

According to the sixth edition of Organon and chronic disease by Hahnemann, it clarified a mistake by him which states that coffee doesn’t affect the Homeopathic treatment.  

Homeopathy remedies are considered to be Placebo?

No, Homeopathy is not a Placebo, Its a proved scientific pathy proved 200 years back. 

Do you aggravate the disease before curing it ?

Homeopathy clears the disease from the root, which is why the suppressed disease is thrown by the body, killing the disease from roots. sometimes this expression of disease is the desired result of our medicines.

Does Homeopathy contain steroid?

Homeopathy doesn’t need steroids, So no, it doesn’t contain steroids, Homeopathy has effective proven remedies from different sources like plant, animal kingdom and even from sun-rays and moon-rays.

Is Homeopathy a slow pathy?

It is a myth. Its not a slow pathy but an effective one since it kills the disease from roots not just treating the symptoms. 

Can we consume other pathies like Allopathy along with Homeopathy?

Yes, please make sure to keep a gap of minimum 1 hour between both the medicines. 

Can we eat Onion and Garlic during Homeopathic treatment?

Yes, even we use a lot of Homeopathic remedies that are made from onion and Garlic.

Does Homeopathy require a diagnosis?

Yes, definitely! It requires two kinds of diagnosis, diagnosis of medicine and diagnosis of disease. It is always good to have a diagnosis e.i x-rays to be able to treat the patient better and understand the disease. 

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