Dr Kavita Chandak, a well-known homeopathic physician from Nagpur, was recently invited at the 74th World Homeopathic Congress to present two of her research papers on September 26 and 27 in Sorrento, Italy.

Dr Chandak presented her first research paper on the subject – ‘Characteritic Dental Symptoms solved the cases of Infertility, Bronchitis and Secondary Amenorrhoea.’ While speaking on the subject, Dr Chandak explained three different issues of the above disorders, which were finally resolved with stron dental symptom, which she got in the patients accidently.

Dr Chandak said, “Homeopathy never treats a part of a patient; it treats the person as whole. Human body is a single entity fused by many different parts. When any one system  is under trouble, we can get the way of solution from the another system. It is the man who is sick; not the part!”

During her second presentation  about ‘Homeopathy in two hopeless cases of Infertility with low AMH,’ Dr Chandak explained how the two issues of low AMH (essential hormone for reproduction) and bilateral ovarian failure with hypothyroidism were resolved with the help of homeopathy.

World Homeopathic Congress was attended by delegates and renowned homeopaths from all over the world.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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