Radha is now 17 years old girl but still she doesn’t menstruate and this is readily a high risk matter for her future. Absence of menses during reproductive life is termed as Amenorrhoea. It is a symptom and not a disease itself. It is divided into –

1.    Pseudo amenorrhoea which is also known as ayptomenorrhoea or concealed menses. There is retention of menstrual discharge in uterine cavity.

2.    True amenorrhoea- it is again classified into two types

a.    Physiological and

b.    Pathological amenorrhoea.

Physiological a lady doesn’t menstruate before puberty, during pregnancy, during lactation and after menopause.

When even at the age of 18 years menses does not sfat the condition is known as pei, pathological amenorrhoea. The probable causes are pituitary alwarfism, hypothyroidism, insulin dependent Diabetes, non canalization of cervix, congenital absence of uterus, congenital aplasia of ovaries means (small ovaries), delayed puberty, malnutrition etc.

In secondary pathological amenorrhoea there is no congential deformity; mensed fails to recus after it has been normally established. The probable causes are cervical or vaginal stenosis, tubercular infection in uterus, repeated cusratage, polycystic ovasian disease, tumous of ovary, pituitary adenoma, any changes in thyroid gland harmones, diabetes, severe amaemia etc.. Sometimes few oral contraceptive tablets causing hyper-prolactinaemia leads sec. amenorrhoea.

These patients need careful examination with required investigations. In homoeopathy it is already mentioned that the cause should be treated and not the symptom- as amenorrhoea is a symptom the underline disease must be treated, so the history of the patient should be properly recorded. It should include age of patient, marital status, any H/O – using seal contraceptive, any history of mumps in childhood, any past H/O – tuberculosis or ganorrhoea. The development of secondary sexual characters is normal or not should also be noted with the above history the lab investigations should be done if required with homoeopathy the congenital problems can be only controlled and menses become regular. The causes which are not congential can be treated by making immunity strong and hence the vital power of patient this resistance power gets increased. But before selection of the remedy homoeopathy consider mental status first because only mind can individualizes human being. Even the twin sister taking aid for amenorrhoea has different medicine because of their different mental status. So for balancing the harmones without any side effects the root cause should be treated and for searching the root cause physical and mental, both the planes should be considered. Without mind, body is zero so how it is possible to cure the person without mental symptom considering the physical plane only? That is only palliation of symptoms and not the cure. “Cure” is to treat the person as a whole and not only a body part. Homoeopathy has lot of good medicines for all types of amenorrhoea and its causes. It also helps to prevent the complications arising from hormonal imbalancing due to amenorrhoea.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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