Today morning Anita was shouting at her son Jay, aged 12 yrs. For the bed wetting. But she must think that whether Jay is doing it intentionally? No child will do it purposefully. It’s a disease. Bed wetting by children beyond the age when control of urinary bladder should have been acquired due to delay in the maturing of physiological reflex bladder control. Usually kids can control the urine till achieving the age of 2 yrs. Bed wetting may be since early childhood or it may be acquired suddenly after age of 3-4 yrs. Physical constitution, mental status as any chronic disease plays important role behind it. Epilepsy, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, any infection in urinary track and kidneys or obstinate constipation favours bed wetting. When child sleep after scolding or beating or any feeling of being insulated lacks control on bladder muscles. Any suppressed emotions or anger during pregnancy of a lady may precipitate bed wetting. The child passes urine once or more than one time even in a single night and after wetting the bed he will sleep quietly; his sleep is usually sound and deep.

In day time also they have frequency and urgency of urine which cannot be controlled. In these children play, exercise, sudden fright or laughing may be followed by evacuation of bladder.

Any emotional excitement or upset has frequency of urine. Amruta is 18 year old girl, still suffering from enuresis. She became uneasy during menses because bed wetting during menses because bed wetting during menses spoil the whole bed and it creates guilty conscious in her mind. In such people we can get inferity complex, insecurity of mind, reserved attitude, lack of confidence and depression. The patient may be minor or major one need physical and psychological treatment. Homoeopathy is the only branch of medical science which follows ‘Man bimar to tan bimar’ so we can remove the root causes permanently with homoeopathy and also rebuilt the confidence level in our patients. Homoeopathy control bed wetting by controlling psychological upset behind it.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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