Aditya likes to be alone, he tries to avoid people and has become very irritable now a days. He is suffering from sleeplessness, has the feels hunger but does not like any food and so avoids eating. His complaints of constipation and extreme weakness. He suffers from lack of self confidence, suicidal thoughts, and has become very sentimental and moody.

What is this? What has happened to him? Why is a dead mind living in a live body? Why? The answer is only one – he is suffering from depression. There may be many causes behind it, but the patient becomes sad frequently and feels that he is good for nothing. Any mental shock, an insult, heredity, a big loss, a chronic disease, ex-thyroiloism, epilepsy, crushing syndrome etc. may be the elementary factors.

In few obese people the in ferity complex gives birth to negative attitude which in long term provides soil for depression. Mental stress and tension is the first ladder for depression. There may be sudden palpitation, numbness in extremities’, irritation even at slightest cause, headache, tremors, weeping mood, loss of taste, wants to be alone with fear of being alone, silly mistake in writing, wandering mind, loss of weight and finding faults in others are the symptoms present more or less in depression patients.

Drinking, smoking or tobacco chewing makes person joyous and fresh for a short time but its frequent intake cause depression. Sometimes few drugs given for sleep and convulsion for long term increases depression.

In few patients we can see periodic depression; it means that at a particular or at change of weather they get depressive attack. Material causes can vary but the major basic cause for depression is a sick and weak mind. Only homoeopathy considers the importance of mind and we know that a healthy mind can rule the body properly.

So while treating depression, only those drugs should be selected which can provide a real strength to the mind, body and immunity. Homoeopathy is safe for these patients as it is harmless can be given for long time and it doesn’t make the patient drowsy. Homoeopathy is for human care and cure. So now forget depression be confident and enjoy your life.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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