In our day to day life we have lots of incidences related with types of fears. We can see or hear many cases of fear and we sometimes experience it. But what is fear exactly? It’s yet not known to us. Fear is the reflection of our suppressed emotions. The feelings which has great influence on our mind, may be good or bad, gets settled in our subconscious mind which in turns create dreams and fears. Different kinds of fears are there. In homeopathy it has special importance as it reflects the mental status of patient and his suppressed emotions in past. Homoeopathy based of psychology and mental symptoms of patients because according to homoeopathy. “A healthy mind leads body healthy and disease mind lead body diseased”. If you want to study a patient you must know his physical, mental status desires aversions and his fears also. In homoeopathy fear is divided in two parts. 1) Fear with specific cause and 2) fear without any specific cause. Some people has fear of unknown origin, fear of impending calamity, it is because of their insecurity of mind. Insecurity causes lacks of confidence and the person become fear full suspicious. Even a tiny thing excites him. In our society we see the fear of being alone, fear of darkness, fear of crossing the street, fear from high place, fear from water, fear of appearing in crowd, fear of passing through tunnel, fear of animal like snake, dogs and even cockroach, fear of loud noise, fear of quarrel, fear from any particular person. Every fear has a definite cause behind it, but sometime a person cannot identify it. Removal of that causes with homoeopathic medicines after proper case taking provide cure. Extreme fear may cause psychological disturbance. If the child has been scolded before sleep, the bed wetting can be output. Frequent threatening to the child can be obstacle in his mental development Hysteria, mental retardness are the result of some kind of fear. For example sneezing is considered as a bad omen suppose a doctor has an emergency call and he extended that visit just because of sneezing, will be able to save that patient? /literacy only can cure the superstitiousness.

Homoeopathy finds the cause of fear considers its severity and treats the root cause. We must improve the positive attitude of the patient; his lost confidence should be aroused with the help of counseling. Proper diet, sleep and meditation are also helpful.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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