Anita has a trouble of belching with fullness and distention in abdomen. One day she visited me with the complaint of sensation of weight in upper abdomen which is relieves after induced vomiting. When the complete history was taken. I came to know that she has constipated bowels since long time. She has taken treatment for the above symptoms but in vain. When I got her sonography done, multiple stones in gall bladder were found. Gall bladder is a bag full of bile situated in liver. When we get formation of stones in gall bladder this is known as cholelithiasis. The responsible factors are:
1) Bile salt
2) Cholesterol
3) Frequent attack of cholecystitis i.e. inflammation of gall bladder.
4) Stasis of bile in bile duct.
Cholesterol is kept in control by bile. Ratio of cholesterol to bile is 1:13. When the amount of bile is diminished, cholesterol tends to precipitate and forming a nucleus form of stone. Cholesterol stone is dirty white in colour and oval in shape. The bile get diminished due to frequent attacks of infection of GB, typhoid bacillus, stasis of bile and increased level of cholesterol. In the beginning patient has fullness in upper abdomen after meal which is relieved by induce vomiting. Complaint of constipation is associated symptom. In this stage gall stone is free in GB and not so harmful. When stone attempts to escape pain is marked. The pain start right side of upper abdomen (below the right lung). Shifting to back and right shoulder. The natural process of expulsion of stone downward causes severe shooting pain, this is known as biliary colic. It ceases suddenly when stone passes or slip back.
In these patients few investigation are suggestible, blood test for Sr. bilirubin, bile salt and bile pigmentation and cholecystography can be done. Sometimes surgery is advisable. But homeopathy believe in gentle and constructive cure, it doesn’t believe is removal of any body part. The GB stones can be dissolved according to their nature and the root behind its formation. According to homoeopathy treat the patient as a whole, including his mental and physical sphere and don’t treat a single part of body because disease is not restricted till liver only, it affects the whole person. Homoeopathy prevents the frequent infection of GB and makes the resistance power. And a body with good immunity will never allow any disturbance in the ration of bile and cholesterol and it won’t allow bile salt to deposits in G.B. Homoeopathy has lot of medicines which are helpful in gall stones.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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