Riya is able to do her routine with very less sleep but generally 7-8 hrs. Sleep is the basic requirement. A fresh and complete sleep provides you a fantastic day but lots of people are victims for unfreshing sleep. Sleeplessness is the indication for any major functional disorder of the body. Physical exertion more than our potential causes disturbances in the blood circulation which make the person to count the stars, otherwise physical exertion within limit is the best medicine for sleep. Smoking, tobacco, late night dinner, late night business deals, watching TV, indigestion, rheumatic pains, dental pains are the common causes for the lack of sleep. One can enjoy the cool sleep by removing the root cause with homoeopathic medicines. Sometimes guilty conscious also cause sleeplessness, in this case try to solve basic problem behind your chinta because there is difference of just an dot between chinta and chita. Any incompletes work causes mental irritation and crowding of ideas during sleep, better way to finish your work first and then enjoy sweet dreams. Missing someone from bottom of heart is another common cause but here patient needs blessing not the medicines. For calm and quite sleep we need fresh air, proper diet, calm environment and mental relaxation, don’t follow sleeping pills in long term otherwise one day you will find that you are prisoner of these pills and drugs have addiction on you when the blood flows more towards brain instead of heart then the brain vessels become dilated and they start more contraction—relaxations. Homoeopathy medicines settle this disturbance without any side effect and without any addiction. When the activity of brain co-ordinates the behavior of the patient properly, we stop the homoeopathy medicine by tapering it gradually. Our lifestyle has major contribution for sleeping disorders.

Start morning walk take less spicy diet, avoid drinks and smoking, the whole digestive and circulatory system will get cured. Sleeplessness makes a person very irritable and this irritability ends in depression in some unfortunate guys. Toxins present in our body are the mother of every disease and Homoeopathy is the scientific system of medicine based on nature laws of cure i.e. ‘same cures same so remove all toxins from the body with homoeopathy and enjoy sweet dreams forever.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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