Yesterday a lady patient consulted me regarding her bronchial Asthma. She asked me in a very straight way. Doctor, do you use steroids? I heard that many homoeopaths give steroids for better results. So please don’t use steroids for my treatment as I have read a lot about its adverse effects. I have read that steroids disturbs the secretion of natural hormones of body, it lowers the level of good cholesterol i.e. HDL, it has bad effects on skin, it increases blood pressure, mental irritation, it creates male like symptoms in female ,like excessive hair growth on body and hoarseness in voice, it is again one of the cause in cases of sterility and I also heard that it decreases the immunity of the person. Then she took deep breath for a while and again started talking, look doctor I have taken few steroidal preparations 2-3 years ago but it provided only temporary relief, then I stopped it and now I am suffering from the same diseases and I want permanent cure for it, that is why I approached you for homoeopathic treatment but please tell me first do you use steroids? O my God! Finally she stopped talking but being a homoeopath I knew that I must be a good listener. I listen her first in detail and then asked he only one question that: – as you have been given steroids previously by yours physicians and did not get permanent relief than how can I give you better results with the same thing? When you took it openly with a doctor’s prescription and it didn’t work for you then how will the same thing work for me if I will use it in a hidden way? When homoeopathy gives better results for the same disease then it is crystal clear that it is something else than steroids, which works magically. Homoeopathy does not have any steroid preparations if any patient has this misunderstanding he must talk to his homoeopath first and then he should think himself that steroids used openly gives lot of side effects and no permanent relief then how a homoeopath can provide a gentle and permanent cure with no side effects by using the same steroids? Is it possible? In homeopathy are already have lot of drugs arising from different Kingdom like plants animals, chemicals and impondelabilia. These drugs are selected for the patient very carefully after  taking his proper history and by considering his physical and mental plane.

Homoeopathy works both on mind and body. These homoeopathic medicines does not provide temporary relief it arouses the immunity and resistance of a person and make him strong constitutionally i.e. (physical and mental built up). When homoeopathy is much able to handle diseases without any side effect with a gentle restoration of health, then why a homoeopath will prefer any steroidal preparation with lot of side effects? There is no need of steroid like preparations in homoeopathy. In other pathy’s also steroids are used only when they are really required as per physician’s opinion.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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