God’s best creation is woman. A lady has a beautiful constitution and pelvis is the important part of the female body. Pelvis contains uterus, uterine tubes and ovaries. Ankita has a multiple small cysts (a sac containing water) on her ovaries and doctor diagnosed her as a patient of polycystic ovarian disease i.e. (PCOD). This disease is very common in the girls between the ages of 14-16 years this PCOD causes hormonal imbalance in female and hence the level of male hormone increases in the female body.

The associated symptoms are weight gain, pimples, hair growth on face and irregular menses. PCOD may be hereditary so in this case one should immediately consult the doctor PCOD is one of the major cause of infertility. Ovary is not able to produce ovum if ovulation is disturbed which causes irregular menses, scanty or profuse flow and infertility (in few cases). At this stage one can get the medicinal aid. Homoeo medicine help in dissolving the cyst and it works for prevention also. PCOD causes increase in the level of insulin in the body. The people having more insulin level in the blood has tendency towards obesity. Homoeopathy medicine maintains the insulin level which can reduce the weight also.

PCOD is one of the causes for frequent abortion. The lady with PCOD is more prone for uterus cancer after the age of forty years because the body already lowered immunity due to PCOD, that is why homoeopathy believes in improvement of immunity of the person for treatment of any disease.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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