Prostitis means inflammation in prostate gland.Prostate is a male gland secrets male hormone. It is made up of fibrous tissues. An acute inflammation of the prostate gland accompanies by high grade fever and rigors. Pair and burning on urination is an associated symptom. Urine becomes bloody and brown with the growing age lots of changes take place in the prostate gland. Enlargement of prostate gland causes difficult urination. After the age of sixty years the glandular tissues get contracted and hormonal secretion become less. Mr. Ramlal has to get up 5-6 times in night for urination. After complete investigation the enlargement of prostate gland has been detected. Frequent urination especially at night is due to two specific causes one is benign hypertrophy of prostate i.e. B.H.P. and second is cancer of prostate gland. BHP causes urgent and frequency of urination. Patient cannot control the desire for urine. There may be straining and dribbling of urine in few cases. In the beginning only night is troublesome but after few months the trouble occurs in day time also. The patient gets strong desire for urination even though the bladder has a little quantity of urine. The patient requires lot of strain for urination. Sometimes there may be pain in lower abdomen and the urine may be bloody. It makes patient very uncomfortable. BHP can be very well controlled with homoeopathic medicines. BHP has few complications like swelling in urinary bladder i.e. cystitis, extra collection of fluid in kidney i.e. hydronephrosis, stone formation in kidney and urinary tract and kidney failure etc. are preventable with well selected homoeopathic remedy. Homoeopathy is like mathematics; it arouses the basic immunity of a person, improves his resistance power, and gives strength to his constitution to fight with diseases. It reduces the swelling and prevents the further enlargement of prostate so that the urine flows become clear and the frequency gets reduced. Due to proper urination without any obstacle the homoeopathy medicines prevent the complications in turn. As it has no side effects one can consume it even for long term. So enjoy a proper sleep and sweet alreams with a properly selected homoeopathic remedy.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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