Riya was getting late for her interview. She was trying her level best to complete the household work fast. As soon as she started for office, suddenly, she had 2-3 sneezes. Oh God! It’s very bad omen, she uttered. Then she went back in the home and spent few minutes and again started for interview. But alas! She was late and so she lost the opportunity. Actually Riya is a known case of sinusitis since long time.

She frequently faces cold, headache and sneezing. Do you know what sinusitis is? The acute or chronic infection of sinuses is called as sinusitis. Sinusitis is cavities in the bones leading from the skull to the nose. When any drop of tear or coryza enters in these holder places, it becomes very painful. When body try to throw it out from the sinus we, get sneezing. A chronic and frequent coryza it the basic cause of sinusitis. Her patient suffers from chronic cold, difficult breathing severe headache, pain in cheeks and eyebrows and dry coryza.

In such cases patient feels gushing of coryza from skull to throat internally but it doesn’t come out externally, which cause severe mental irritation.

In few patients we have thick greenish-yellow or grey coryaza occasionally. Sense of smell becomes less. Patient complaints blockage in nose. Few patients have itching, burning and running of eyes. Sinusitis gets aggravated at weather change, cold intake, and lack of sleep and due to mental stress. As homoeopathy believes individualization, we believe that every person has his own existence and so different from others.

In sinusitis you may have a patient with 100 sneezing per day or a patient with complete absence of sneezing, it varies according to person.

Homoeopathy is based on holistic principles and so it consider person as a whole, made up of mind, body and soul. After proper study of case, considering time of aggravation, it frequency and severity, likings and disliking of patients and all other mental symptoms, a most simillinum drug is selected which cuts the tendency of frequent coryza and provides relief.

At every weather change of living, human being suffers from slight cough and coryza. Our body has a defensive mechanism which fight with this coryza and body itself get cured. But due to lack of patience we suppress this coryza by means of any medications instantly and this suppression of coryza gives birth to sinusitis, as it gets deposited, in hollow sinuses. So the route cause of Sinusitis it suppressed coryza.

Just take steam of plane water when sinusitis attacks because, it provides great relief by melting the deposited coryza, but this is only a temporary first aid tendency let us cut off with homoeopathy permanently.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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