K-K-K-Kiran, we heard this dialogue in the movie for many times. In day to day life we meet many people suffering form stammering speech .stammering is not only a symptom but it is a disease related with tongue and mind, because when person is not able to express himself in society his confidence level get reduces and gradually he may land in depression. As homoeopathy believes in “Healthy mind only can lead body healthily “, the stammering should be treated both mentally and physically .The probable causes are the weakness in the tongue muscles so that the patient cannot control tongue properly, few people has the habit of using palate and lips while talking, they use tongue very less .In few people the muscles of mandible are very hard which causes lack of control on words while talking. In homoeopathy we have a range of medicine for softening the mandible muscles. In some cases blood circulation is improper lead to more pressure in the vessels supplying to lips which causes difficulty in lip movements in this cases though the mind is able to think but lip are unable to talk. Homoeopathy can remove the root cause and improve blood circulation so that the patient can get rid of stammering. Priya had some muscular weakness in her larynx box but she has been cured with homoeopathy medicines. “Fear” is the main psychological cause behind the stammering. Fear of any kind causes excitement of mind which in turn definitely disturbs speech in few cases. During pregnancy if mother has to suffer from any type of fear or continuous suppression of emotion, and then we can observe speech disability in such kids more as compared to other. Frequent scolding to children or bad family environment can lead a perfectly normal child to stammering speech suddenly. Sometimes it’s a hereditary disease the patients avoids others due to inferiority complex which gives birth to negative attitude and irritability. Avanish is a patients of confusion syndrome, he never talks those thing which he though. Such fluctuation of mind also causes stammering. Homoeopathy can stabilize the mind as it has great importance of psychological symptoms .To cure stammering is difficult but it’s not impossible , but it needs lot of patience . Remember one thing though the tongue weighs less, it is difficult to hold it as it the biggest weapon for war.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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