To achieve something in life we must study hard but many children, no I think almost every child feel it as a bore job, but still they have to do it. By practice gradually children start writing and learning, if they face any major difficulty in learning and understanding the study then it is known as learning disability. We all mate Darshil safari in the movie ‘Tare Jamin Par ’ as a victim of Dyslexia i.e. the mistakes in reading, writing and spellings. Children psychology is a vast chapter and really difficult to understand. Today we will discuss about various troubles arising in studies. Many of the time parents have a common complaint about their kids that they are very careless, having no concentration In studies, they do frequent mistakes in spellings even after a lot of practice, there is confusion while using the small and capital matras in Hindi and Marathi. Children get frequent scolding and punishment for the above complaints from their parents. When the child cannot analyzes or explain anything even after proper consideration then it is called ‘learning disability.’ There is no emotional and behavioral disorder in these children. They have a normal capacity of understanding. It is mostly a hereditary problem occurs in 30-35% children only. When schooling start, the child has to face the letters and at that time only this learning disability (L.D.) is diagnosed. In L.D., Dyslexia, Dyscalculia means difficulty in numbers and months, Dysgraphia means difficulty in collecting the thoughts and write it, Dyspracsia means hands cannot write or explain those things which eyes can watch and consider i.e. disco-ordination between eyes and hands, APD and VPD i.e. difficulty in recognizing maps, charts or symbols etc.. The probable causes for L.D. are heredity, head injury during process of birth and only in few cases premature birth is also responsible. These children has delayed talking, cannot distinguish colors and shapes, mistakes in pronunciation and writing, forgets given work, difficulty in reorganization numbers, confusion in ‘b and d’;’6 and 9’ even they take long time for tying the shoe less.

Instead of getting irritate, parents should keep patience and spend more time with them. Don’t expect a lot from him and don’t compare him, with anybody else. Show confidence and trust in him. Today we have a very advance medical science and homoeopathy is the only branch of this godly science which based on psychology even for the physical diseases! Then who else than homoeopathy can understand the feelings and mental status of the child? it consider all the emotions, for any inferity complex, insecurity of mind, dreams, nightmares, bed wetting, salivary secretion from mouth during sleep and so on and obviously the family history for selection of medicine, which help in changing the mental plane and make the life easier.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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