IN OUR day to day life, we use the word sweating for many a times. But what is sweating? Is it necessary to sweat? Why is it important? Actually sweat is the toxicity of the body. Profuse as well as scanty perspiration, both are abnormal.

Vaishali suffers from profuse sweating even due to slight exertion. She cannot tolerate slight heat. She avoids social gathering due to this trouble because it makes her very uneasy. This profuse sweating is known as Anhydrosis. It causes extreme weakness. The causes behind it are exertion, mental stress, damp weather, spicy food habits, profuse intake of tea or wine and few drugs like Pilocarpine etc. Sometimes sweating may be localized, affecting only particular organs like palms, soles axilla, thighs, neck and face only. Tissue heredity, hormonal imbalance, muscular weakness and flat feet.

Vijay doesn’t suffer from profuse sweating but still then people avoid him because of the offensive smell of his perspiration. Offensive smell of sweating is known as Brom-Hydrosis. Its main cause is bacterial synthesis of sweat and food rich in asefoetida, garlic and onion. Mansi has tendency for very less sweating, which is known as An-hydro sis. It makes her skin very dry and resistant to heat. It also causes frequent burning micturation. The causes behind it are leprosy, partially opened skin pores and disease related with nervous system. Patients suffering from any complaint related to perspiration should maintain personal hygiene and they should use cotton wears. Cloths touching perfumes can be used but skin contacting deodorants should be used less. As sweating is the toxicity of the body, it should be allowed to expel.

In homoeopathy, we treat the man in disease and not the disease in man. We strengthen the basic constitution of a person so that his immunity can fight with any trouble related to sweat. As we known any sort of fear and mental stress causes Excitement in person which in result causes more sweating in few cases. So with homoeopathic drugs we can remove the fear and control the sweating. There are lots of drugs in homoeopathy for this trouble but only well selected constitutional similar remedy can provide relief so always follow the expert’s opinion.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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