TEARS our old and true friends! In human life everybody has to shed tears on this or that occasion, and why only humans? Animals also shed tears to express their feelings. Tears are the language of emotions, whether it may be sorrow, pain, excitement or joy. Everybody has a different nature and hence everybody has a different cause for shedding tears.

We should not neglect this symptom while taking history says Homeopathy because it is the strongest way to understand your patient and to study his mental status, how he reacts to the situations, whether he is fearsome or has many insecurity and craves for sympathy or not? Unless and until a homeopath cannot read the patient’s mind it is really impossible to select a simillimum remedy for perfect cure.

It’s a myth that tear is a woman’s jewelery. No! Man also sheds tear because he also has a heart and feelings ofcourse. Tears help us to distinguish patients. One may have a sentimental mood and cries even with a slight matter but at the same time, he has alternate cheerful moods. One has weeping disposition and tearful mood – such patient weeps first and then explains the troubles. He has a dull expression on his face and tries to explain that I am helpless. He waits and continues the present state which troubling him and wants to be free from it soon. Sometimes patients cry while explaining their pain so that doctor should pay more attention towards them as they want quick relief.

Some do it as they crave for sympathy and consolation which ameliorates them. Few people have strong self esteem. Their heart weeps but they shed tears only in privacy.

In homeopathy, we have lot of remedies which can be selected by paying importance to the tears for example, we have Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla – these patients have tears in their eyes all the time. Pulsatilla shed tears to gain sympathy and consolation from others and it’s an involuntary movement. He doesn’t do it intentionally, but it is a major part of the character. Natrum Mur patient also sheds tears only when he is alone because he hates sympathy and consolation. In homeopathy, the symptom ‘weeping’ is further divided in many subtitles like
1) Weeping without a cause: means the patient weeps without any major cause (the graph of reaction is high).
2) Weeping of unknown origin: Here a patient cries without knowing why and he also feels very strange about it.
3) Weeping involuntarily: Here the patient cries spontaneously which he wants to stop but he is unable to do it. The symptom is same that is ‘weeping’ but way and cause of shedding tears sketches a different portrait of each patient and that is only ‘Individual’ – the basic law of nature and homeopathy.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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