Anuja is the major victim of anxiety. She gets anxious even at a slight matter. What is anxiety? How it occurs in a particular person? In layman’s language we call it as tension. In today’s life the Ratio of tension is more than even breathing. Mental tension is such an emotion which you cannot see as touch ,but can feel only.

We can divide tension in two types:
1. Acute but severe and
2. Chronic but mild

Every living person in this world has to face tension many times. When tension attacks mind can do only two things
1. Either face it or
2. Try to escape from it.

Whenever one gets tense the heart beat automatically increases and the vessels goes in vaso – constriction, the brain and, nervous system spread the message of this phenomenon to all over the body, which cause secretions of adrenaline hormone from adrenal gland. Acute tension is responsible for adrenaline secretion and chronic tension causes secretion of cortisols. These hormonal secretion shows many symptoms like muscular, are very image conscious, keep on proving themselves best, some are very much of fastidiuous – wants everything neat, clean and at proper place only, some are impatient and impulsive are always victim of chronic tension. Homoeopathy medicines improve the immunity of a person so that he can fight with any physical or mental disease, as it is the only branch of medical science which pays importance to the mental symptoms even in a purely physical disease homoeopathy prevents any adverse effect of mental tension on the body by making the constitution strong. Everybody reacts different in anxiety so the medicine for every patient differs according to his constitution. Homoeopathy first searches anxiety and even prevents the mental irritation. There is lot of medicines in homoeopathy which helps in vaso dilatation, so that any fatal outcome can be reduced.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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