Tonsils are not invited but unavoidable guests of our body. Human body is God’s best creation. Every part of body is useful, nothing is useless. Now –a –days we have a lot of children undergoing tonsilectomy due to frequent tonsilitis. But do you know that removal of tonsils lessens the immunity of child? Tonsils are the almost shaped glands made up of lymph tissues present bilaterally in the throat. Its main function is to remove the toxicity from the most upper part of the body. Its structure is very similar to lymph nodes. Tonsils have 15-20 smalls’ pores through which lymph oozes and mix salvia which helps in digestion. Tonsils prevent entrance of any bacteria through oral cavity as it is the first security guard of the digestive system. Any disturbance in eating habits, more intake of spicy food, exposure to cold, consumption of extreme cold drink or food, lack of sleep and constipation are the common factors which increases toxicity of body and reduces resistance power which are causative for frequent tonsillitis. Even a change of weather can create inflammation in tonsils. Less sweating is also a cause for it. When infection occurs the tonsils become enlarged and red with severe pain in throat even digglutation of water is difficult. The others symptoms are referred pain to ears, cough, coryza, fever and sneezing. Sometimes tonsils become hypertrophied and they touch each there, it is called as ‘kissing tonsils’. In follicular tonsillitis, small white spots are visible on tonsils. Pus formation in tonsils is known as Quinsy. Tonsillitis is only a symptom not a disease. Lot of medicines is there in homoeopathy which cut the tendency towards frequent tonsillitis by curing the basic constitutions and root cause for it. A well selected homoeopathic constitutional remedy improves the resistance power of body and thus reduces the internal toxicity. Tonsillitis can be cured but some patience is needed.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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