THERE was an old Hindi song “Pao padte nahin..hai Jami par mere”   this was due to excitement but we also have a similar disease with us named varicose veins where patient is really not able to stand for long time on his legs due to severe pain in his lower limb . The varicosity and dilation of veins with more greenish appearance is knows as varicose veins. It is common in the veins of lower limb. Sometimes it may find in throat and genital veins. It occurs in those people who stand more because in this case blood has to run in opposite direction of gravitation power for long time e.g. in bus conductor or traffic police . When the valves of the veins dose not close properly the blood spread in veins and they look dilated. This valvular defect may be congenital or acquired. One can suffer from varicose veins in pregnancy, is any disturbance of circulation in very deep veins of body and in case of obesity. In these patients pain in calf muscles is very common which usually aggravated in evening hours. Lying on back relieves a little.

In few patients we have swelling ankles in evening and cramps in legs in light. Sometimes there may be formation of varicose ulcers. Even a slight injury to their vein causes severe hemorrhage. Inflammation of veins may occur associated whit fever. Due to normal breakage of red blood corpuscle there is secretion of haemocidorine which throw itching on the skin .The patient scratches and rubs that place which turns the skin in black spots, there black spots are one of the causes for precipitating the eczema. The blood stays for long in the veins in case of dilatation which causes calcium deposition in inner walls of veins which reduces the speed of blood flow. They should avoid long standing. The basic law of homoeopathy is to improve the immunity and resistance power of the person by giving him the most suitable remedy after proper case taking which will regulate the circulation, prevents the cramps and ulcer formation and control the pain without any side effect.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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