Corona viruses  are a group of related viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections mild to severe. According to WHO The main site of pathology is Lung. There is bilateral lung involvement especially peripheral and subpleural region and right lower lobe as per observed in corona positive cases. This virus can survive from few hours to few days.


Transmission- COVID-19 is transmitted in human by three ways:
• By direct contact to the patient: such as by shaking hand, by hug, and by kissing, etc
• By indirect contact: such as touching used utensils of patient
• By droplet Infection: such as through sneezing and coughing by patient


Symptoms of COVID-19 are non-specific and the disease presentation can range from asymptomatic to severe pneumonia and death. As of 20 February 2020 and based on 55924 laboratory confirmed cases according to WHO, [2]


Typical signs and symptoms include:

  1. Fever

  2. Cough-dry

  3. Sore throat

  4. fatigue

  5. sputum production

  6. headache

  7. Muscular and bony pain

  8. Pneumonia

  9. Shortness of breath

  10. Oppression of chest

  11. Chill

  12. Nausea and vomiting in few cases

  13. Nasal congestion

  14. Common cold/Running nose in few cases

  15. Diarrhea in few cases

  16. Hemoptysis in few cases

  17. conjunctival congestion in some cases

  18. Loss of smell and taste in some cases.

It is not mandatory to get all symptoms in every patient. It may vary as per individuality.


Fatality– If the infection is with MERS [ Middle East Respiratory Syndrome]and Covid 19 is fatal to elderly people or people with poor immunity. Death may occur due to primary respiratory failure.



Role of Homeopathy

If we think regarding Covid 19 infection-we need to concentrate on the remedies which can boost the immunity in preventive phase and can cover various symptoms in the corona positive cases as per the different stages of covid 19.


Let us discuss them with contribution of Homeopathy. I am mentioning my personal opinion.



For Preventive intention we need to consume healthy diet and ample water. Maintenance of personal hygiene, washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, and avoiding close contact with people who are sick is advisable.

There is no particular preventive remedy for Corona infection but yes we can definitely concentrate to build up good immunity for self defense.

To improve immunity below three mother tincture (30 drops of tincture in half cup of water twice daily for 15 days)/ or two tablets of 3X potency twice a day is recommended.

  1. Ocimum Sanctus – It is our holy basil/Krishna Tulsi extract. Chemicals in holy basil are thought to decrease pain and swelling (inflammation).

  2. Tinospora Cordifolia-It is extract of Amrita Balii/Guduchi, having antioxidant effects. It’s chemicals increase the activity of the body’s immune system but not advisable during pregnancy.[3]

  3. Justicia Adhatoda- It is extract of Malabar nut/Adulsa. It is beneficial remedy in cases of bronchitis and URTI but long term use during p regnancy, breast feeding and Diabetes is not advisable[4&5]


Apart from this few nosodes like bacillinum or Tuberculinum should be kept in mind as Nosode therapy has much in common with tautoopathy, can give strength to fight with infection but its selection depends on present symptoms.[1]


Snake Venoms can also be thought for their toxicological effects. They may create an artificial toxic layer to protect against natural toxic effects.


It is upto individual choice to decide what to take to build up the immune strength. I shared my personal opinion.

In current scenario there is a flood of homeopathic suggestions. Two centuries back we had one Hahnemann; but today we have many!


For Curative measures, Homeopathy definitely have some contribution.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), there are 4 stages of COVID-19. [7]

Let us discuss these stages along with homeopathic contribution.



Coronavirus: Stage 1 (Imported and sporadic cases)-   according to ICMR in this stage, the disease is introduced to the population. People who have a travel history to affected countries became the carriers for the virus. 


Role of Homeopathy-In this stage Homeopathy or any other pathy has nothing to offer.



Coronavirus: Stage 2 (Local Transmission)- As per WHO and ICMR, in this stage, the disease is sporadic and is either imported or locally detected and local transmission of the disease occurs. This means that people who have a travel history to affected countries transmitted the disease to the people they came in contact with.


Role of Homeopathy-Here only social distancing and personal hygiene is advisable along with the above preventive measures.



Coronavirus: Stage 3 (Community Transmission)- As per WHO, a cluster of cases are detected emerge in time, geographical location or through common exposure. According to ICMR, this stage is very serious as the people who neither have any contact with the infected person or have any travel history to affected countries become infected with the disease. In this stage, it is nearly impossible to break the chain of transmission as the people infected have no clue about how they became infected. 


Role of Homeopathy-Here only social distancing and personal hygiene is advisable along with the above preventive measures. Symptomatic medicines can be administered.



Coronavirus: Stage 4 (Epidemic)-  Asp per WHO, in this stage, larger outbreaks of local transmission occur and ICMR also states that it is the stage where the disease leads to an epidemic within the population.  


Role of Homeopathy- Homeopathic drugs are selected on the basis- ‘if it can produce the same sign and symptoms in healthy prover during trial, then only it can cure the particular disease condition’


During epidemics, usually the Genus Epidemicus a general remedy is selected on the basis of the symptoms of the existing patients and that remedy is preferable. But it depends upon present symptoms. In corona infection symptoms can be changed according to its intensity and severity which can be mild to severe.


The most commonly recommended homeopathic medicines to cover all types of viral fever are Arsenicum album, Bryonia Alba, Eupetorium Perf, Nux Vomica, Phosphorus, Belladonna, Oscillococcinum, Rhus Tox, Gelsemium, Influenzinum, Mercurius sol etc. but they are not based on actual symptoms of the affected patients having aetiology from particular virus. If we pay attention to the epidemiological, clinical and laboratory data available and published in peer-reviewed journals, we can at least consider the homeopathic medicines that will work in this infection.



Following rubrics from Synthesis Treasure Edition Repertory can be considered –[9]

CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Lungs – viral

CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Lungs – accompanied by – breathlessness

CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Lungs – pleuropneumonia

CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Lungs – right – Lower lobe

COUGH – DRY – fever – during – agg.

RESPIRATION – DIFFICULT – cough – during – agg.

THROAT – INFLAMMATION – accompanied by – cough

HEAD – PAIN – accompanied by – fever



Few symptoms like Diarrhea, Hemoptysisconjunctival congestion and loss of smell and taste not present in every case so has been omitted during repertorisaton, but they are important to find the miasmatic background.


Miasmatic Background– Usually epidemic disorders are considered as multimiasmatic. The dominant miasm depends upon the environmental factors of that particular country. Psoric background can be considered as there is exciting cause behind its acute bursting but this virus ultimately destroying our tissues so syphilitic background is there. In my opinion as per study of Organon it has Psora Syphilitic background. Psora syphilis together constitutes tubercular miasm. Loss of smell and taste is a symptom of Syphilitic miasm.


The repertorisation chart-[8&9]



Considered symptoms are the commonly observed symptoms in the sufferers. Usually we try to find out PQRS as stated in aph.153 or something unique of the person which has nothing to do with the disease so that it predicates the individual.

Dr. Weir has very well mentioned- ‘Take the minimum symptom of maximum importance.”

Repertory is a mechanical tool. We get the set of remedies as per our selection of rubrics. Materia medica is a proved literature and hence final court of appeal. Selection of remedy should be materia medica oriented.

From the above chart: Bryonia, Phosphorus, belladonna, Sulphur, Arsenic, Lycopodium, Ipecac, Apis, Aconite, Lachesis, Antim tart, Gelsemium, Merc. Sol etc came up.

Can we give all remedies to one person? No! We need to select as per the dominant and important symptom and weather of particular country. Pay more importance to the onset of symptoms.

Please be unprejudiced observer as mentioned in Aph. 6 of Organon. These remedies are discussed for curative purpose; be open to use more than one remedy in one patient as similar symptoms also demands different remedies. Give the remedy as per the current need. Suppose if dry cough with fever is prominent symptom in a patient go for Bryonia Ipecac, Phosphorus, Arsenic, Nux vomica, , Lycopodium, Sulphur, Lachesis, etc.


What if the major symptom is breathlessness with pneumonia? The remedy should be Benzoic acid.


If there is fever following Bronchopneumonia, the remedy should be Chininium-M, and Chininium sulph.

Presently the world is running behind  Hydroxychloroquine to fight with corona.We have this in homeopathy under the name- Chininium sulph!

Lung is the main site of attack. Let me share the materia medica of few remedies covering Respiratory infection.




Cough deep, dry, painful, aggravated by bending backwards.

Respiration painful, aggravated by movement.

Sputum streaked with blood.

Spasmodic cough with pain behind the sternum.

Cyanosis, cough accelerating the respiratory rhythm.

Haziness, at the level of both lungs.

Mid-pulmonary, bilateral hazy opacities.

Sum up symptoms- Dry cough,painful respiration and haziness in lungs.



2)SENEGA- [10]

Cough often ends in a sneeze. Rattling in chest. Bronchial catarrh, with sore chest walls; much mucus; sensation of oppression and weight of chest.

– Difficult raising of tough, profuse mucus, in the aged.

Exudations in Pleura.

Pressure on chest as though lungs were forced back to spine.

Sum up symptoms-Cough,pressure on chest and profuse mucus in old people.



3) IPECAC –[10]

Breathlessness; constant constriction in chest.

It is a good treatment for pneumonia in cases where nausea and vomiting accompany other respiratory symptoms such as suffocating loose cough without expectoration, shortness of breath, and constriction in the chest. The cough is spasmodic and often ends in vomiting. Bloody sputa may also arise.

Sum up symptoms- Constriction in chest.Cough incessant and violent, with every breath.




In plants, animals and humans, phosphorus compounds provide the energy supply, and are used in the tissues of organism. disturbances in the phosphorus metabolism primarily affect the nerves.

Tightness across chest; great weight on chest. respiration quickened, oppressed. Much heat in chest. Dry, hard, racking cough. Along with this, bloody or purulent sputa may also occur. Phosphorus is very suitable for pneumonia of the left lower lung. In such cases, lying on the left side worsens the symptoms.

Sum up symptoms- Burning, bleeding and oppressed feeling in chest. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Whole body trembles, with cough.

5)BRYONIA – Highly ranked medicine for Pneumonia with Chest Pain. [10]

It works well when chest pain accompanies pneumonia. The pain is stitching in nature. Chest pains get worse on coughing and deep breathing. While coughing, the patient needs to hold the chest because of the intense pain. Expectoration of rust or brick colored sputa is another characteristic feature. Along with these symptoms, there is difficulty in breathing, and there may be fever accompanied by chills.

Sum up symptoms- Desire to keep painful part still;dryness of mucus membrane.



6)ARSENIC ALBUM – Pneumonia with Difficulty in Breathing [10]

Arsenic Album is a suitable medicine for pneumonia when difficult breathing and shortness of breath are prominent features. Along with this, cough with scanty frothy phlegm is present. Pain located specifically in the upper third of the right lung is another guiding symptom for the use of Arsenic Album. Another feature is a suffocating feeling, which gets worse on lying down or while sleeping.

Sum up symptoms-Burning, restlessness, watery diarrhea; all types of ‘Itis(Inflammation.’




How can we skip this remedy whose name itself indicates its action on lungs? Chronic catarrh and symptoms of oedema of the lungs. Strong, sonorous bubbling, short breath causing suffocation, with cough and inability to expectorate. Amelioration- Forward bending and sitting up.

Sum up symptoms- Short breathing with oedema lungs.



 8) HEPAR SULPH – With Purulent Sputa[10]

Hepar Sulph is a highly effective medicine for pneumonia when the sputa are purulent. The pus in such cases may be offensive. Hepar Sulph is for pneumonia in the suppurative stage. There is a loose cough with a rattling of mucus. Patients needing Hepar Sulph may have a fever with chills accompanying the above symptoms.

Sum up symptoms- Dry, hoarse, choking cough.



9)SULPHUR- [10]

Oppression and burning sensation in chest.

Difficult respiration; wants windows open. Red, brown spots all over chest.

Chest feels heavy; stitches, with heart feeling too large and palpitating.

Pleuritic exudations. Stitching pains shooting through to the back, worse lying on back or breathing deeply. Dyspnoea in middle of night, relieved by sitting up.

Sum up symptoms – Oppression, as of a load on chest. Pulse more rapid in morning than in evening.

There are many more remedies like Lycopodium, Merc.Sol, Antim Tart etc. can be referred from Materia Medica.

Clubbing of these above mentioned symptoms with other totality before prescription is advised.

As per the recent news from London, the children suffering from Covid 19 are observed having swelling in fingers and toes, named as COVID TOE. The suggested medicines are –

Conclusion- I am not a great person to teach anything. I just tried to study in this specific subject and hence sharing my personal views.

You must be thinking which remedy can be appropriate for corona infection?


Only one remedy is not sufficient. Think out of the box!


Consider the most indicated symptomatic remedy along with nosode. Nosodes are Homeopathic catalyst and help in removing imprint of disease as they based on ‘Poison kills poison’ principle. If throat pain with headache is your observation then go for Influenzinum. If fever with sepsis is there think about staphylococcinum. It is not the rule that bacterial nosodes can not be used in viral disorders. Even the Modern medicine is following antibiotics in covid 19 cases. There is no anti viral present in conventional medication.

Don’t forget to pay the importance to dominant miasm. Homeopathy is impotent without miasm!

What is virus?

Ultimately NATURE!

We can not fight with Mother Nature. But all above write up is designed with intention of help. Homeopaths worldwide, who are suggesting medicines; finally for the betterment of planet. I believe someone’s intention to help is superior to the method he uses!






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9)Syntesis Treasure Edition Repertory
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11)Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine- B.K. Sarkar

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

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