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Today, there is widespread recognition that the novel coronavirus is far more unpredictable than a simple respiratory virus. 

 It often begins as a viral infection and in some patients turns into hyper inflammation, sepsis or septic shock even with loss of life.


Genetic science, and possibly in combination with the epigenetic factors that create the basis of acid-base disorder (PH <7.35 in the blood), will be able to explain the variability of symptoms and the severity of the disease in some individuals and mild to no symptoms, in to a large extent, also to many people.


It can affect the lungs, but it can also strike anywhere, such as the brain, heart, kidneys, skin and even the toes. Many doctors are focused on treating the inflammatory reactions it triggers and its capacity to cause blood clots, even as they struggle to help patients breathe.


This means that in the treatment of severely ill patients, a single antiviral treatment is not enough. Early and proper antibiotics greatly help the course of the disease (according to the clinical experience of doctors, that about 7.9% per hour, the course of the disease is aggravated by improper antibiotics).

More than four months of clinical experience across Asia, Europe and North America has shown the pathogen does much more than invade the lungs. “No one was expecting a disease that would not fit the pattern of pneumonia and respiratory illness

In the initial days of the outbreak, most efforts focused on the lungs. SARS-CoV-2 infects both the upper and lower respiratory tracts, eventually working its way deep into the lungs, filling tiny air sacs with cells and fluid that choke off the flow of oxygen.

However, many scientists have concluded that much of the damage caused by the disease from the body’s own immune system, a storm of killer “cytokines” that attack the body’s own cells along with the virus as it seeks to defend the body from an invader.



In severe cases, is the harm the virus wreaks on blood. Patients have suffered strokes and pulmonary emboli as clots break loose and travel to the brain and lungs. A study in the Lancet, a British medical journal, showed this may be because the virus directly targets the endothelial cells that line blood vessels.

Once inside a cell, the virus replicates, causing chaos. ACE2 receptors, which help regulate blood pressure, are plentiful in the lungs, kidneys and intestines — organs hit hard by the pathogen in many patients.

That also may be why high blood pressure has emerged as one of the most common preexisting conditions in people who become severely ill with covid-19.

Inflammation also appears to disrupt coagulation mechanisms (increased d-dimers, fibrinogen, etc.) as white blood cells fight infection. They interact with platelets and activate them in a way that increases the chance of clotting.



Homeopathy treatment of complication


If we know the patient’s chronic idiosystatic drug, we give it to frequent repetitions (in syphilitic, tuberculosis, psoriatic or other background) in low-intensity-repeat dose.


Severe septic conditions or sudden deterioration(septicemia or septicemia appearing suddenly).


PYROGENIUM: A drug for any septic inflammation or diarrhea in combination with HEPAR. It also helps boost the body’s reactive capacity when antibiotics are not effective (12CH-30 CH).

BAPTISIA: Drowsiness during severe pneumonia (rapidly deteriorating picture).


HEPAR SULPHUR: Great for any suppuration


PYROGENIUM and in intestinal rupture, diversion perforation, peritonitis.

CALCAREA-FLUORICA, in addition to dead bone.

IMPORTANT and NECESSARY are isopathic-nosodes diseases such as (Tuberculinum, Streptomycinum,Streptoccocinum, Staphyloccocinum, Pneumonioccocinum, etc.)


PLEURITIS : Bryonia, Acon.,Apis, Guajacum, Stannum, Sulphur, Ranunculus Bulbosus (adhesions)



  • First stage: Aconitum
  • Middle stage: Bryonia
  • Pyon production: Hepar Sulphur
  • Pyon + smell + greasy stools: Mercury Solubilis
  • Typhoid pneumonia: Baptisia
  • Last stages: Carbo vegetalis
  • Choleric Dyspnea: Chelidonium
  • Dyspnea: Cuprum
  • Prevention of pneumonia: Ferrumphosphoricum
  • Local disease + cerebral hyperemia: Iodum – Kali Iodatum
  • Neonatal pneumonia + acupuncture pain: Kali carbonicum (complementary Carbo vegetalis)
  • After Sulphur – Final stages: Lachesis
  • Delirium with poor communication: Rhustox.
  • Right lung: Lycopodium – Chelidonium
  • Living face: Sanguinaria, AntimoniumCrudum
  • Atelectasis: Sulphur
  • Last stage medicine: Carbo vegetalis
  • Persistent fever: Antimonium Tart.
  • Severe hyperemia preceding pneumonia: Veratrumvirident
  • Inflammatory fever: Aconitum
  • General medicines: Phosphorus, Natrium Sulphuricum., Sulphur.


Cardiac patients (generally)


Arsenicum album, Spongiatosta, Spigelia, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Carbo vegetabilis, Kalmia Latifolia, Naja, Cactus grantiflorus.

Usual shape in Phos-Spig-Kalm heart disease.


Acid cardiovascular cases:

Aconitum, Arnica, Lachesis, Latrodectusmactans, Carbo Vegetalis, Arsenicum album.


EXCLUSION of heart problems: Arsenicums, Cactus, Kalmia, Laurocerasus, Lycopus, Natrium muriaticum.




Adonis Vernalis (Apocynum can.), Crataegus, Strofanthus, Convallaria, Iberis, Vanadium, Liliumtigrinum.



Aurum metalicum, Arsenicum album, Platina, Sepia



Nice: Tough, Strong, Sick



A psoric heart always has extraordinary pulses.


Syphilic heart – pressure – heredity

A sicotic heart: Jealousy, Suspicion, Rheumatic problems – Urinary tract – uterine diseases, Mixed miasma.




Crataegus – Adonis – Iberis – Convallaria – Laurocerasus – Strofanthus – Latrodectus – Lycopus – Kalmia – Carbo veg. – Antim.tart.


Brain: Bothrops


Liver: Digitalis – CarduusMariannus

Kidney, Adonis- Serum  Anguilae

Rheumatically: Lauroceracus

Cardiomyopathy: Strophanthus




Glonoinum, Belladonna, Crataegus ,Rauwolfia serpentine, Phos. Triod., Amyl.nitrosum., Craniosacral treatment, Arsenicum , Phosphorus, Natrium muriaticum, Lachesis, Conium, Aurum Metalicum., Adrenalinum, BarytaMuriatica, Kali iodatum, Plumbum, Nux Vomica.



Opium, Antim.tartaricum, Carbo Vegetalis, Veratrum album, Arnica, Apis, Bothrops, Vipera, Hamamelis, Lachesis, Calc.iodata, Secalecornutum.


It would be a good idea to explain in detail all the homeopathic images of each of the aforementioned drugs, but it would take up a lot of space in the presentation.

Of course, for serious complications of the SARS-CoV2 virus, you need to trust both your classic and your homeopathic doctor.

The combination brings the best results.




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