In another of her major accomplishments, city’s renowned Homeopath Dr Kavita Chandak, on April 25, 2023, was awarded her third Golden Book of World Record for fastest homeopathy treatment of chronic diffuse renal parenchymal abnormality and mild hepatomegaly with grade II fatty infiltration in just ‘three-and-half-months.’

With her recent achievement, Dr Chandak strives to shift the social paradigm that Homeopathy is a slow-acting and long-term therapy.

Dr Chandak, who is also the recipient of ‘The Excellence in Homeopathy Award 2022,’ has solved several complicated cases such as PCOD, autoimmune diseases, Allergies, Skin disorders, Psychiatric issues, Autism, etc., within her over two decades of experience as a successful homeopath consultant. She is an international trainer and speaker serving patients from over thirty countries. She specializes in autism, psychiatric and behavioral disorders, kidney diseases, and cancer.

An author of eight books and 298 health articles, Dr Chandak will be a keynote speaker in the upcoming international congresses of Russia, Romania, Greece, and the World Congress of Homeopathy in Colombia.