Few days ago my sister-in-law has been operated for a Ca Breast it was shocking news for everybody as she is just thirty years old and was totally asymptomatic. Actually any localize swelling  or lump, irrespective of its nature was described as tumour, today tumour is a term sharply restricted to a specific kind of swelling, a neoplasma is new growth at which does not serve any function. A lot has been studied about the pathogenesis of cancer but we still do not know; how the process starts it is still a mysterious and a insoluble problem. On the broad spectrum tumuorous are classified into two types:

1. Based on their anticipated behavior i.e. benign and malignant and

2. Based on their cytogenesis

Cancer spread rapidly by infiltration through lymphatic, blood vessels, natural passages and serious cavities and so once when secondary spread starts it’s too late, but if we can recognize it at an early stage then it is curable under homoeopathic treatment and also by surgery if required. Heredity, chronic irritation and trauma are the causes that lead to development of tumuor. Cancer is formed by the presence of carcinogens such as chemical, physical, virus, hormones etc. but carcinogenic agent only is not responsible for the development of cancer but individual immunity and susceptibility plays a major part. As in ayurveda vat, pitt, coughs are the basic causes of all disease. So in homoeopathy psora, sycosis and syphilis are three miasma(basis cause) which are responsible for diseases and psora is the base. In homoeopathy we treat the patient and not the disease. Cancer is the very vast chapter and it is yet a challenge to humanity and adds the same time few investigation i.e. performing biopsy is also risky because it is followed by rapid infiltration. Homoeopathy cannot cure the cancer in all stages. It is helpful in a certain cases if homoeopath’s approach to the medicine is proper and according to homoeopathic laws and the patient’s immunity has not gone so low, at least it should responses the remedy. The contribution of the homoeopathy is reliable and one should consider its importance for better results.

“I had great results of recovery, when all other pathies failed Homeopathy was a knight in shinning armour”

Yugal Mishra


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